Art with effects



Your rooms influences your thinking, being and feeling.


Every color is endowed with typical spirit and duration of waves which transfers to the human body.


Scientific researches let gold happen as a result of direct correspondency  to body and soul.


Gold personifies the sun and negotiates feelings of protection and senses of well being.


Diana Wunschs artworks embody energy in color, form and materiality.

Sense intuitively drawn art with 24 carat gold leafs arises in viewers eye feelings of complacency,

well being and spirit of living.


As viewer you would like to touch the artwork for deeply empathizing the surface.


Already Pythagoras of Samos realized human healing in divine nature geometry as an universal  voice

linking us to our soul.


Diana Wunsch as artist or as photographer – only wants one thing:

to create the world a little bit more brightly, shiny  and thoroughly happy.


ART Wellness  Harmony for your private and business area.


All handmade artworks will be released on high-grade canvas in different sizes.



Expositions: Hamburg, Berlin, Baden-Baden